To use the service, you must create account in

When you purchase access to your "digital content" it automatically creates a profile on this Service.

Within this service it is possible to buy (download) digital products. However, everything depends on the availability of "digital content" to buy.

- When buying, the "digital content" is transferred as a file to the device that you use in connection with the acquisition. You must open this file to run your "digital content"

- By renting, you can access your "digital content" for 48 hours, unless otherwise specified, from the moment the execution begins.

Access to the service assumes that you have an internet connection and a device that meets the technical requirements to run the service, as described above.

Your agreement is in effect upon acceptance of the terms and conditions of FLAMBOYANTES service and the execution of the payment. You will receive a purchase confirmation by e-mail. When making a purchase on FLAMBOYANTES, you agree that FLAMBOYANTES will proceed to the delivery of your "digital content" immediately, and you therefore have no right to withdraw your purchases, see. Section 5.


A. Communication between the parties

It is necessary for the agreement that you are a registered user of FLAMBOYANTES. The relationship between FLAMBOYANTES and you is the agreement sent to the email address you have registered on FLAMBOYANTES. These FLAMBOYANTES reports include, among other things, the confirmation of your order and the notifications relating to the agreement. You must inform FLAMBOYANTES if your e-mail address changes. This is done via FLAMBOYANTES.


B. Pre-orders

In case of pre-orders, the reservation of the product is exactly the same as any other purchase. However, with the difference that the pre-ordered content will not immediately be able to run or download. When the pre-ordered content is ready for the release date you will be sent an e-mail with a link to liquidate or get the pre-ordered product.

The payment made under the pre-order will be reserved for this pre-ordered product and will only be deducted when the pre-ordered content is available and an email is sent to you for information.

If you cancel your pre-order and the delivery has not taken place, the normal rules on the cancellation of orders are valid, which means that you can cancel your pre-order up to 14 days before the reservation. place. Do you want to make use of the right of withdrawal, you must write an email to indicating your order number.


C. Subscriptions

With a subscription you get free access to the content of your subscription. When you create a subscription, you will receive a confirmation of your subscription by email and the terms and conditions of the subscription. The subscription is automatically renewable from one period to another from the date of its creation. Unless you can cancel it yourself. The cancellation of the subscription must be done through your account or you can send an email with your subscription number to This must be done at least 5 business days before the next automatic renewal. The method of payment, see paragraph 2 below, that you have chosen to use when creating your subscription will be used when renewing your subscription automatically.

If your debit card expires or you want to associate a different payment method, this can be done through your account. Terminating your subscription or adding a new debit card automatically replaces all previous credit card information. If it is not possible for you to renew your subscription for the lack of network, you will be informed by e-mail and your subscription is no longer valid.



It is a condition of this agreement that you have a credit / debit card or other payment method for example. MobilePay or PayPal. The information on payment cards and payment methods that can be used can be found on the Service.

Payment is in US $. After each payment, you will receive an e-mail.

You are responsible for unauthorized orders of content on the service, are made by specifying your username, password and credit card, see. However, the law on certain means of payment.

Any request for reimbursement of payment fees for the failure of the service will be submitted to FLAMBOYANTES ( within 7 days after the error has been detected. Otherwise, give up these requirements.

Payment terms also apply to coupon codes or free codes that are provided by FLAMBOYANTES, Flamboyant A / S or one of Flamboyantes' partners. For the use of coupons kodes apply the same conditions as for payment by credit card, etc.


Pricing information for each product can be found on FLAMBOYANTES. All prices include VAT.



FLAMBOYANTES is not responsible for the content of video, music or other content on FLAMBOYANTES.


Sales Information "Digital Content"

The service contains information about the "digital content" that can be ordered, and the price of each "digital content" is mentioned below the icon representing each product. A "digital content" order is made online via the designated purchase function. FLAMBOYANTES maintains the information on which the "digital content", in order to make the correct transfer to the licensees and partners. The information may also be used by FLAMBOYANTES to possess market research and marketing in accordance with the law.


Your obligations

Under international law, it is an offense to copy, copy the manufacture, import, money, possess, redistribute or modify the proposed content on the service for commercial purposes or for the purpose of giving another unauthorized access to the content of an encrypted program and / or content on demand. Violations that come to the attention of FLAMBOYANTES, may lead to the notification of the police for the purpose of prosecution. The username and password used to log in to the service is personal. You assume responsibility for this username and password not falling into the hands of third parties. In the case of suspicion of unauthorized access as an example. electronic theft (keylogning, viruses, spyware, etc.), you must immediately inform FLAMBOYANTES.



When you purchase access to the content on the Service, a license will be issued on your computer / device immediately after your purchase is accepted. By purchasing access to the Service, you consent to the terms that the 14 normal days to cancel will fall and delivery of the product will commence immediately.



In case of serious violations of the obligations arising from this agreement, FLAMBOYANTES has the right to stop the service and terminate the agreement without notice. The following conditions must also be taken into consideration in case of serious violation:

- Redistribution of the content of the service to third parties.

- Public projection, or commercial exploitation of content delivered on demand without

special agreement with FLAMBOYANTES, see. Section. 6

Use of the product contrary to this Agreement, see. Section.



FLAMBOYANTES solves operational breakdowns that occur in their own equipment and networks as soon as possible. FLAMBOYANTES is not responsible for any related faults on your connection.


Refund in case of interruption

In the event of a breakdown in the FLAMBOYANTES network or equipment that interrupts the connection, FLAMBOYANTES is responsible for making compensation in the form of an extension of the period of use or reimbursement of the payment.



FLAMBOYANTES is liable under the Norwegian law relating to compensation for losses due to acts or omissions caused by FLAMBOYANTES or something else for which FLAMBOYANTES is responsible, in relation to the following restrictions:

  1. FLAMBOYANTES is not responsible for losses that occur as a result of interruptions, disruptions or service modifications related to the measures deemed necessary for technical reasons, maintenance and operation, unless FLAMBOYANTES, It has neglected to limit the inconvenience of adhering to it.
  2. FLAMBOYANTES is not liable for indirect losses, including loss of profits, loss of production, loss resulting in the content not being able to be used as intended, losses due to an agreement with a third party or violations and the like.
  3. In the event of force majeure, FLAMBOYANTES is not required to pay compensation or a proportional reduction. Section. 11 and 12 C, if non-delivery or interruption etc. due to circumstances beyond the control of the FLAMBOYANTES, but limited to damage caused by eg lightning, flood, fire, war, strike and lockout, including strike and lockout of filled with FLAMBOYANTES.Disputes and complaints

In case of discrepancies between you and FLAMBOYANTES on matters arising from this Agreement, you may appeal to FLAMBOYANTES.

The appeal to a decision made by FLAMBOYANTES may be addressed to a judicial body of your choice. Divergences may also be submitted to the ordinary courts, in accordance with the rules applicable by one of the parties.

  1. Entry into force

These terms and conditions come into effect on October 10, 2018.

We reserve the right to delete your account if you are not what you say you are.